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    CRYPTBOT web-Sign™
    Security Robot for "Digitally Sign & Encrypt a Web-Based Document
    including its Attached Files*.
    CryptBot web-Sign™ (V1.02)
    (Stand-alone Signing Version)
    CRYPTBOT web-Sign™ (V3.05)
    (Workflow Connectivity Version)
    Economy Price1,2,3 : USD 50.-
    Economy Price1,2,3 : USD 150.-

    Security Purposes

    CryptBot web-Sign™ was created for practically and legally facilitating the web-based e-Business and e-Government securities. It manages digital information confidentiality according to the electronic transaction and e-Signature laws. This security application is designed for securely and digitally signing, encrypting and decrypting the sensitive/confidential web-based document and its attached file(s)* in order to authenticate, verify its integrity, keep its confidentiality and prevent repudiation of signer.

    Features & Functions

    1. Digitally sign and encrypt any web-based documents or web pages (under CryptBot™ standard format) and its attached file(s)* on the IE web browser with one or multiple digital signatures (e-Signatures) under PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technologies. You may click here to see the hi-light processes of CryptBot web-Sign™ V 1.02 or click here to see the hi-light processes of CryptBot web-Sign™ V 3.05.

    2. Works with digital IDs or digital certificates of world-leading CAs (Certification Authorities).

    3. Can insert signatures images* and digital signatures (e-Signatures) of multiple signers and display their digital signatures (e-Signatures) together with e-Certificates on the IE web browser.

    4. Able to sign with comment writing and add its attached file(s) for reference(s)*.

    5. Have e-mail function* for sending a signed file to any recipient.

    6. Have CryptBot e-Document Generator™* for generated a XML e-Document file.

    7. Have a "control certificate" for each signed and encrypted web-based document and its attached file(s)*. The control certificate literally links its title to the e-Certificate of digital signature (e-Signature) on the document and its attached file(s)*.

    8. Recipient can extract the XML* and XML with XSL* from the digitally-signed e-Document.

    9. All file types can be attached* and digitally signed together with an e-Document of each signer.

    10. Supports workflow connectivities with CryptBot™ standard parameters*.

    11. Your key pairs can be securely stored in the IE 's key store while you can import any exchanged public keys into this key store.

    12. Automatically save a digitally signed web-based document and its digital signatures (e-Signatures) under public key encryption technique to prevent an illegitimate alteration.

    13. Can store document signing time using data from client PC, workflow server* or the standard Time Stamp Server**.

    14. Able to use with the CryptBot e-Pen™*, fingerprint** and smart card** system for identifying person before accessing to the confidential data or using a private key.

    15. Can be used with a XML-based* or web-based workflow system* to link to confidential data in different levels of confidentiality*. Can set different signing method and encryption configuration* for different electronic documents such as tax invoice, receipt, purchase order, certificate, circular letter, and pictures.

    16. Can be networked with secure database** or secure server**, or linked with neutral third party** (or e-Custodian by law) to encrypt (with a key pair) and back up data**.

    17. Suitable for e-Business & e-Government and organization dealing with sensitive/confidential workflow systems* such as e-Banking, e-Document flow, e-Procurement, e-Transaction, Military Intelligence, e-Auction, e-Budgeting, B2B Cash Management, e-Billing, e-Payment systems, e-Supply Chain, e-Cheque, e-Contract, etc.

    18. Can be customized** according to the needs and requirements of an organization. The complexity of digital signature (e-Signature) and encryption system can be customized in accordance with levels of approval and/or confidentiality within the organization or between organizations.

    19. Free-download CryptBot web-Verifier™ for all recipients to verify and/or decrypt signed (.cbw) and/or encrypted (.ebw) files of CryptBot web-Sign™ and/or web-Crypt™.

    *Feature of Version 3.05 l **Optional Features | Price & Order
    Hi-Light Process of web-Sign™ V 1.02 | Hi-Light Process of web-Sign™ V 3.05 |
    Applications & Benefits | System Requirements

    Remarks :
    1)The price above is the FOB price (Bangkok of Thailand) which excludes shipping and other related costs.
    2)The "CD Order" is the order for the CD-ROM pack of CryptBot ™ software which the shipping and other related costs will be charged.
    3)The "Download Order" is the order for online downloading of CryptBot™ software without any extra charge.

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