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    CRYPTBOT web-Sign™ (V 1.02)
    (Stand-alone Version)
    Security Robot for "Digitally Sign & Encrypt a Web-Based Document/Web Page on IE Browser.
    Economy Price1,2,3 : USD 50.-

    Security Purposes

    CryptBot web-Sign™ was created for stand-alone use of digitally signing and/or encrypting a web-based document which practically and legally facilitating the web-based e-Business and e-Government securities. It manages digital information confidentiality according to the electronic transaction and e-Signature laws. This security application is designed for securely and digitally signing, encrypting and decrypting the sensitive/confidential web pages in order to authenticate and verify its integrity, keep its confidentiality and prevent repudiation of signer.

    Features & Functions

    1. Digitally sign and encrypt any web-based documents or web pages (under CryptBot™ standard format) on the IE web browser with one or multiple digital signatures (e-Signatures) under PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technologies. You may click here to see the hi-light processes of CryptBot web-Sign™ V 1.02.

    2. Work with digital IDs or digital certificates of world-leading CAs (Certification Authorities).

    3. Can insert digital signatures (e-Signatures) of multiple signers and display their digital signatures (e-Signatures) together with e-Certificates on the IE web browser.

    4. Have a "control certificate" for each signed and encrypted web-based document. The control certificate literally links its title to the e-Certificate of digital signature (e-Signature) on the document.

    5. Your key pairs can be securely stored in the IE web browser's key store while you can import any exchanged public keys into this key store.

    6. Automatically save a digitally signed web-based document and its digital signatures (e-Signatures) under public key encryption technique to prevent an illegitimate alteration.

    7. Can store document signing time using data from client PC.

    8. Able to use with a fingerprint* and smart card* system for identifying person before accessing to the confidential data or using a private key.

    9. Can be used with a HTML/MHT-based or web-based workflow system* to link to confidential data in different levels of confidentiality*. Can set different encryption configuration* for different electronic documents such as tax invoice, receipt, purchase order, certificate, circular letter, and pictures.

    10. Can be networked with secure database* or secure server*, or linked with neutral third party* (or e-Custodian by law) to encrypt (with a key pair) and back up data*.

    11. Suitable for e-Business & e-Government and organization dealing with sensitive/confidential workflow systems* such as e-Banking, e-Document flow, e-Procurement, e-Transaction, Military Intelligence, e-Auction, e-Budgeting, B2B Cash Management, e-Billing, e-Payment systems, e-Supply Chain, e-Cheque, e-Contract, etc.

    12. Can be customized* according to the needs and requirements of an organization. The complexity of digital signature (e-Signature) and encryption system can be customized in accordance with levels of approval and/or confidentiality within the organization or between organizations.

    13. Free-download CryptBot web-Verifier™ for all recipients to verify and/or decrypt signed (.cbw) and/or encrypted (.ebw) files of CryptBot web-Sign™ and/or web-Crypt™.

    Applications & Benefits

    (Click picture to see more details about its hi-light process.)

    Digitally Sign on Web Browser
    After installation, CryptBot web-Sign™, Verifier™ & web-Crypt™ icons will be shown on the menu bar of IE browser.
    CryptBot web-Crypt™ is an encryption program for encrypting web pages and pictures.
    CryptBot Verifier™ is a verification program for verifying web pages signed by CryptBot web-Sign™. Your recipients can download it with free of charge here.
    CryptBot web-Sign™ , the web-based e-Signature application, is designed for digitally signing and encrypting sensitive web pages or e-forms on IE browser.
    Just click CryptBot web-Sign™ icon and select key location to digitally sign e-documents* or e-forms.*
    Select Private Key for Signing
    Just select your private key from windows key store to digitally sign your required e-document.*
    Signer's signature picture can be inserted in a signed e-document in case you have used CryptBot web-Sign™ V. 3.05 or generated it with the special ASP/CGI program.
    Decrypting an Encrypted File
    You can decrypt and verify its integrity by clicking the CryptBot Verifier™ icon and then enter a password of required private key in order to decrypt it (in case it was encrypted).
    The signed file (.cbw) or encrypted signed file (.ebw) can be set to be openned by IE web browser which will be shown as the encrypted string.
    Multiple e-Signatures
    & Control Certificate
    If the signed file is valid, the document hi-light, signed date(s)** and details of signer(s) will be shown on the "Control Certificate" of CryptBot web-Verifier™.
    List of signer(s) linked to digital Certificate(s) of signer(s).
    * = Optional features | Price & Order
    Hi-Light Processes of web-Sign V 1.02 | Hi-Light Process of web-Sign V 3.05 |
    Applications & Benefits | System Requirements

    Remarks :
    1)The price above is the FOB price (Bangkok of Thailand) which excludes shipping and other related costs.
    2)The "CD Order" is the order for the CD-ROM pack of CryptBot ™ software which the shipping and other related costs will be charged.
    3)The "Download Order" is the order for online downloading of CryptBot™ software without any extra charge.

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