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    CRYPTBOT e-Sign™
    Security Robot for "Encrypting, Sending, Decrypting and Storing"
    Your e-Document & e-Signature
    CeBIT Promotion Price USD 195.-
  • Digitally sign & encrypt by using technique of PKI*
  • Allow multiple e-Signatures on a digitally signed document
  • Able to use with world-class e-Certificates
  • Allowance for multiple e-Signatures/Digital Signatures on a digitally signed document
  • Able to write a comment and sign it
  • Able to save and encrypt the signed file
  • Allowance for establishing multiple levels of confidentiality* and secure workflows*
  • Control of printouts* and show a "copy" background on a signed document
  • Customizability for high confidential jobs
  • Able to control confidential-data accessibility by a fingerprint* & smart card*
  • etc …

    CryptBot™ was created to practically and legally facilitate the e-Business and e-Government security. It manages digital messages and documents confidentially according to the electronic transaction and e-Signature/Digital Signature laws. You can sign, encrypt, send/transmit and store various types of attached digital document files (.txt, .doc), web file (.html), graphic files (.jpeg, .gif), data files (.xls, .xml) and etc. Hence, their "confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation and authentication" are kept intact. CryptBot™ can work with certified private keys and public keys of world-class digital certificates to create and verify your e-Signature/Digital Signature on a digital document.


    CryptBot e-Sign
    An encryption tool that allows you to securely encrypt, sign, send/transmit and store your digital files such as e-Bill, e-Tax Invoice, e-Receipt, e-Contract, pictures, and the like. CryptBot e-Sign™ uses the mixture of encryption techniques of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) that gives the highly effective protection. CryptBot e-Sign™ can be used with digital certificates/ID from world-leading CAs, namely VeriSign, Entrust, Thawte, for example. It is very easy to encrypt and sign with CryptBot e-Sign™. Simply attach a file on your PC or server with a CryptBot™ generated XML (cover) document, and encrypt and/or sign the file, it then be protected from being altered. The encrypted/signed file could be securely stored on your PC or server and securely sent to a destination e-mail address or other signers via e-mail or workflow/network to sign and create multiple e-Signatures/Digital Signatures on the same file. If you want to learn more about our CryptBot e-Sign™, please download our demo version here.

    Security Purposes
    CryptBot e-Sign™ was created to practically and legally facilitate the e-Business and e-Government security. It manages digital information confidentially according to the electronic transaction and e-Signature/Digital Signature laws. This security application is designed for securely and digitally signing, encrypting, e-mail sending, storing and decrypting all kinds of sensitive/confidential data in order to authenticate, verify its integrity, keep its confidentiality and prevent repudiation of signer.

    Features & Functions

    1. Digitally sign and encrypt a document with one or multiple e-Signatures/Digital Signatures under confidence of security by using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)*.

    2. Work with digital IDs or digital certificates of world-leading CAs (Certificate Authorities).

    3. Can put e-Signatures/Digital Signatures of multiple signers and their comments on the digitally signed document and display their e-Signatures/Digital Signatures together with e-Certificates.

    4. Can store and display an "encrypted picture of e-Signature/Digital Signature" relate to the e-Signature/Digital Signature and its e-Certificate.

    5. Can sign a document digitally with special encryption techniques in accordance with "multiple levels of confidentiality practice*".

    6. Can control and prevent an illegitimate alteration and imitation of a digitally signed document.

    7. Have a "control certificate" for each encrypted document. The control certificate literally links to the e-Certificate of e-Signature/Digital Signature on the document.

    8. A Secure Key Store is available for storing key pairs of signer and recipient.

    9. Allow a transfer of confidential data among predefined destinations with predefined levels of confidentiality*.

    10. Save a digitally signed document and its e-Signatures/Digital Signatures under special encryption technique to prevent an illegitimate alteration.

    11. Able to set up the authorized person(s) and seal of your organization which the seal picture will be enable after the authorized person(s) has/have completely signed. Under this process the CryptBot e-Sign™ will use your organization's key pair to scramble with an authorized person(s)' signed document in order to guarantee that this signed document is realy signed by the authorized person(s) which usually comes with organization's seal and in this case it can be comfirmed by a digital certificate of your organization.

    12. Can store the time of document signing using data from the standard Time Stamp Server*.

    13. Able to use with a fingerprint* and smart card* system for identifying person before accessing to the confidential data or use a secret private key.

    14. Allow print permission to be set as "No permission to print*" or "Can print (no.) copies*" , and can put a "copy" background on printouts to prevent an illegitimate copy.

    15. Can literally link the printout to its e-Signatures/Digital Signatures and e-Certificates on the electronic document*.

    16. Use the XML-based to link to confidential data in different levels of confidentiality , for examples : financial data, budgets, procurement and etc.

    17. Can examine an e-Signature/Digital Signature online when CryptBot e-Sign™ is connected with the secure server* on the Internet.

    18. Can sign/receive/send confidential data using key exchange technique or security tunnel technique* between CryptBot e-Signs™ installed on different PC.

    19. Can create a secure workflow network for specific working groups* within an organization or between organizations. Examples of such groups include e-Procurement, e-Supply Chain, e-Document Workflow, etc.

    20. Can customize* the system according to needs and requirements of an organization. The complexity of encryption can be customized in accordance with levels of confidentiality within the organization or between organizations.

    21. Can set different encryption configuration* for different electronic documents such as tax invoice, receipt, purchase order, certificate, circular letter, and pictures.

    22. Can be networked with secure database* or secure server*, or linked with neutral third party* (or e-Custodian by law) to encrypt (with a key pair) and back up data*.

    23. Can run on Windows 98, Windows 2000, NT, XP, Unix* and Linux*.

    Applications & Benefits

    (Click picture to see more details about its hi-light process.)

    1. Allowance for multiple comment and e-Signatures/Digital Signatures on a signed document. Applicable to many types of files and e-Business & e-Government system such as e-Document Flow, e-Bill, e-Receipt, e-Tax Invoice, e-Cheque, e-Bank, e-Procurement, e-Workflow and more…
    2. Create a "Control Certificate" for controlling all signed documents and e-Certificates for all signers.
    1. Based on XML standard for creating an original document or a control document of attached files which can be encrypted, signed and sent via an E-mail by using PKI and SMIME protocol.

    CryptBot Viewer
    A tool for decrypting and displaying the encrypted/signed file with single or multiple e-Signatures/Digital Signatures. The file can be securely saved and/or encrypted with secret keys of CryptBot™ on a recipient's computer. This tool is designed for any recipients that want to view the digitally signed files of CryptBot e-Sign™. Anyone can download the CryptBot Viewer™ for free here.

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