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    Security Partners
    Belows are our security partners who join and/or whose products support our CryptBot™ programs development. If you want to join our security development with CryptBot™, please register here.

    Axalto of Schlumberger

    Axalto is the world's leading provider of microprocessor cards and a major supplier of point-of-sale terminals. Its 4,500 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries, with worldwide sales exceeding 2.8 billion smart cards to date.

    The company has 25 years' experience in smart card innovation and leads its industry in security technology and open operating systems. Axalto continuously creates new generations of products for use in a variety of applications in the telecommunications, finance, retail, transport, entertainment, healthcare, personal identification, information technology and public sector markets.


    ACS is a smart card product developer founded in 1995. Its mission is to become a leading technology provider to enable smart card based solutions in the world market. ACS develops and supplies a range of high quality smart card reading and writing devices, facilitating a wider adoption of smart card applications in different industries.

    ACS is the world’s first company to introduce the PC/SC compliant USB smart card reader. It is also the first company to offer a reader based on a single-ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) solution with EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) Level I certification.

    Verisign Inc.

    VeriSign Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) delivers critical infrastructure services, especially a digital certificate, that make the Internet and telecommunications networks more intelligent, reliable, and secure. Every day VeriSign helps thousands of businesses and millions of consumers connect, communicate, and transact with confidence.

    Thawte Consulting (pty) ltd.

    Thawte is the first Certification Authority that has sold public SSL certificates outside the United States since 1996. The first digital certificate was sold on 12 June 1996 to a company in Spain. Sales grow exponentially, the company expands rapidly, and a move is made to larger premises…the family garage has become too small.


    GITS is the Government Information Technology Services organization of Thai government. GITS has assigned to develop and serve the digital certificate for Thai government. At present this organization is the only one official government certification authority (.G-CA) of Thailand.

    TOT CA

    TOT Corporation Public Company Limited is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Thailand. Presently, TOT initially focuses on e-Business to respond to high demand of Thai people and progressive success in digital economy. There are several services provided by TOT to support e-business such as e-payment via TOT’s web site, e-business center, e-procurement, and certificate authority or TOT CA.

    DigiSAFE Pte Ltd.

    DigiSAFE develops, markets and supports a range of information security products and services. Its focuses are on Internet, electronic commerce and network based information security products and services to enable organizations to conduct information exchanges and secured transactions over private or public networks.

    The range of InfoSecurity solutions offered by DigiSAFE covers E-Commerce, Network Security, Internet Security, Security Appliances and Encryptors. These products help companies safeguard valuable information through advanced security measures and are widely used by government agencies, military and paramilitary organizations, banks and financial institutions as well as enterprises.

    Interlink Electronics, Inc.

    Interlink Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq: LINK) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of intuitive interface technologies and products. Creating industry standards for business communications, e-transactions and home entertainment markets, Interlink serves a world-class customer-base from its headquarters in Camarillo, CA, and offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and China.

    Security First Corp.

    Security First Corp provides security solutions in support of Information Assurance. The corporation protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring data integrity, availability, authentication, confidentiality, privacy, non-repudiation, overall security and performance. This is done through Security First Corp’s "Secret Sharing Toolkit" the SecureParser™ , TrustEngine™ , encrypted hardware drives and Biometric Solutions.

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