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    CRYPTBOT e-Pen™
    Application for Handwritten Signature & Comment Images Capture

    Security Purposes

    CryptBot e-Pen™ was created for serving anybody who want to sign or write his/her comment on a web page/web-based document by hand. This application with an e-Pad hardware included will help you to create a signature or handwritten image and insert it into your web page in the required position. With the e-Pen, you can handle and manually sign any web page like working on a normal paper. Afterward, you may digitally sign it with the CryptBot web-Sign™ in order to integrate all handwritten comment/command into the signed file..

    Features & Functions

    1. One pack of CryptBot e-Pen™ consists of one e-Pen™ management program and one e-Pad™ (with one stylus) hardware. The e-Pen management program is designed for configuring "color" (black, blue and red) and "size" (small, medium and large) of handwritten line of signature and/or comment while the e-Pad is for capturing your handwritten image.

    2. CryptBot e-Pen™ is suitable for management, especially top-level management, or anyone who doesn't like or familiar to use keyboard. It also suitable for anyone who would like to confirm his/her identity with his/her handwritten evidence/image.

    3. It is designed to use prior to digitally signing. That means you have to use this package together with CryptBot web-Sign™ in order to wrap all e-Pen handwritten images into one digitally-signed file, otherwise the created/captured handwritten images will be stored only on your computer.

    4. CryptBot e-Pen™ can serve you in two ways, the first one is for signing which has been marked as the 'signature' which you can add many signatures as you want by inserting the number of signature on the e-Pen management program correspondence with number of signers that you want to have or you already marked on a html file. The second one is for writing a comment as many as you want by using the same way of signature creation.

    5. With the CryptBot e-Pen™, you can work with (virtual) html paper in many ways, for example a blank sheet html which you can freely write down in any form or an image html which you can put an image as a background and sign on top or even create as an e-Contract by marking the position of signing of each signer on the html file. Please see some examples of using below.

    6. At present, the CryptBot e-Pen™ pack (one license) has launched only the "web-based" version which means that you can use it with the html file only. However, if you want to use it with other file types such as .pdf and .doc, please e-mail us at sale@cryptbot.com.

    7. Nowaday, we can serve you with two versions of e-Pad hardware as follows:

      Description e-Pad (Basic) e-Pad-Ink
      In association with
      VasaPad™ Semiconductive ITO resistive touchpad
        Signing/Display Area 25.4mm (1") x 55.1mm (2.17") Monochrome LCD with LED backlight (76mm x 56mm or 3" x 20.20")
        Display Resolution - 320 (H) x 240 (V) pixel;
      3.8" diagonal screen
        Touchpad Resolution 300 counts per inch 300 dpi
        Actuator type Optimized for ball point pen tethered to the ePad or passive stylus Tethered stylus
        Report Rate 100 reports per second -
        Levels of Z-pressure 128 -
        Dimension 140mm (5.5") x 140mm (5.5") 151mm x 151mm x 41mm
      (5.94" x 5.94" x 1.61")
        Weight 0.263kg (0.58 lb.) 0.35 kg (0.75 lb)
      0 °C to + 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F) 0 °C to + 45 °C (32 °F to 113 °F)
        Operating Humidity 10 - 95% RH, non-condensing 10 - 85% RH, non condensing
      Self powered from standard RS-232 (serial)/USB port of payment terminal or PC USB units: bus powered from USB port. Serial units: either PS/2 interface or external power adapter.
        System Windows XP or 2000 Windows XP or 2000
        Price (F.O.B)*:
        (Total Pack with
        e-Pen management
      * This price does not include the html file generation program. So, you have obligation to create a html file for display your handwritten image by yourself. It's easy to create it by following our guide or studying from our sample html file or use our html/e-ducument generation system at www.billinghouse.com.

    Applications & Benefits

    >> Click picture to enlarge it.
    Install the e-Pen™ and prepare html file
    After installing the CryptBot e-Pen™, you will find the e-Pen™ icon on the main menu bar and in the Tools menu of the IE browser.

    After that, you have to prepare your html file or web page that you want to sign or make a comment by adding the picture file name (as we have suggested in the manual) in your required position.

    Click it up, select feature and write it with your free style
    To use CryptBot e-Pen™, just click the e-Pen™ icon or select it from the "Tools" menu. Then, you will get the control panel of the e-Pen™.

    After that, you can select a size and color of the e-Pen™ and then go on signing and/or making a comment. You can sign and/or make a comment as many as you want by specify its number that correspondence with the number of signing and/or comment picture in the html file.

    Create your signature image with an e-Pad™
    Now, you can sign or create your signature image by writing with stylus on the touchpad of the e-Pad. After that, the e-Pen management program will capture it and display on your monitor.

    Insert your signature image into your e-Document
    Specify a signature number that you want to insert or correspondence with a number of signer and then click the insert signature button in order to use it in your e-Document/web page/html file.

    Your e-Document completely signed with signature image
    After inserting, your signature image will be appeared at the position you have pre-specified. Now, you can send it out to any recipient or print it out or digitally sign and/or encrypt it with CryptBot web-Sign™.

    Write a comment with an e-Pen
    You can also use an e-Pen™ to write your comment on an e-Document. To do this, just select to create a comment and specify its number.

    Create your handwritten comment with e-Pad™
    Use a stylus to write any comment you like and then it will be shown on the display box of the e-Pen management program.

    Recheck your comment before inserting
    At this step, you have to recheck your comment before inserting it into your created e-Document. If anything is not correct , you can clear or delete it and recreate it again.

    Fuse a comment into your e-Document
    After click insert comment button, you will see a comment displayed on your e-Document/web-page. Then, you may print it out or digitally sign it with CryptBot web-Sign™ before sending it to the next signer.

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