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    Digitally Signing "e-Contract" by web-Sign™
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    Setp 1 :  e-Contract Generating
    >> Click picture to enlarge it.
    >> If you want to test it by yourself, click here to get one a demo or buy a real one.
    Create your html contract web page with the www.billinghouse.com system or by your own program. You may add signature images of each signer in order to make it look like a conventional contract.

    Setp 2 :  Digitally Signing
    Click the installed CryptBot web-Sign™ icon on the IE menu bar and then select a private key location.

    Setp 3 :  Private Key Selection for Digitally Signing
    Select your required private key from windows key store for digitally signing your e-contract.

    Setp 4 :  Enter Password of Private Key
    Enter password of your selected private key for digitally signing.

    Setp 5 :  Digital Signature Creation
    After password entering, a digital signature of this e-contract will be automatically created.

    Setp 6 :  Secure Storing of Signed File
    The signed e-contract will be automatically encrypted with the default of CryptBot™'s public key or your partner's public key. After that, you can store and/or send it to your partner to digitally sign it.

    Setp 7 :  Encrypted and signed e-contract
    You can verify a signed e-contract on the IE web browser by seting your IE web browser to show a signed e-contract (.CBW or .EBW file) as shown above and then click the web-Verifier icon on the menu bar to verify it.

    Setp 8 :  Digital Signatures Verification
    If it is a valid e-contract, you will get the pop-up "Contro Certificate" which show all signers and e-contract hi-light information as shown above.

    Setp 9 :  Revocation Checking of Signers' Digital Certificates
    You can click each signer button on the control certificate to check signer's digital certificate revocation. After that, you can click see each signer's digital certificate information as shown above.
    Other web-Sign Hi-lights: Purchase Order | e-Cheque
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