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    CRYPTBOT Secure web-Mail™ (V 3.60)
    ...for Hi-Effectively Protecting Your E-mail from Spam E-mails & Viruses
    Economy Price1,2,3,4,5 :
    USD 80.-/Year

    Security Purposes

    The CryptBot Secure web-Mail™ was developed for solving the e-mail security problems, especially the attacks of junk or spam e-mails and viruses. This web-based security application also serves you with the digital identity and confidentiality of your e-mail by using the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure); digital signature and encryption, which you can digitally sign and encrypt your e-mail on the IE web browser. The standard secure web-mail consists of three types of e-mail modes which each mode is designated for each specific use as follows:

    Mode I: The "Normal Mode" is for using in the situation that you have to expose your real e-mail address to the public which it will be risked to be spammed and contaminated by junk mails and viruses respectively. Therefore, this type of e-mail is limited to use in the public and you must beware about junk mails spamming and viruses attacking before using it otherwise you will face a lot of problems which has found in your existing e-mail.

    Mode II: The "Hidden Mode" was developed for absolutely preventing the autonomous mail spamming attack which its real e-mail address is hidden and the public must contact you via the "Hidden Mail" or "URL-Mail" address through a web browser. This type of e-mail is suitable for printing on or distributing via your business card, brochure, catalog and/or web site. If you use all superior security functions of this mode and don't expose your real e-mail addresses of the other modes, we do guarantee 100 % that it can prevent the attacks of spam e-mails and viruses!! Moreover, not the same other e-mail system, it can prevent recipients to alter the sender's original messages when they reply.

    Mode III: The "Secure Mode" was designed for serving the high secure and/or legal contact with its digitally signing and encrypting functions. With our innovation based on the PKI technology, you can exclusively and fully use its multiple digital signatures and encryption features on the IE web browser. Also, like the hidden mode, it can prevent recipients to alter the sender's original messages when they reply.

    Features & Functions

    1. Gets three e-mail modes in one e-mail account, as explains details above. Therefore, you have three choices for using, the hidden e-mail is for general use while the normal and secure modes are kept for using with whom that you can trust.

    2. If you use only the hidden mode, fully configured with its strong security functions (attachment blocking, security code setting and message/content hyperlink blocking), we do guarantee that your e-mail will be absolutely protected from spam e-mails and viruses attacking.

    3. It cannot be detected by the e-mail harvesting programs of e-mail spamming systems because it does not contain the "@" symbol in the Hidden-Mail or URL-Mail address format (joe.hitrustmail.com) and no need to use the "Mailto" HTML tag when it be linked with a web page.

    4. The hidden-mail form can help you to totally control all senders that want to contact you, especially control the sensitive content such as attached files which risk contaminating with viruses, you can allow or not allow them to send their attachment to you by configuring the file attachment box. Or in case you want only the trusted person cotact you, it can also be triggered the "Security Code" box to block the untrusted persons to contact you.

    5. The e-mail generating system will secure your e-mail account by automatically creating the three different e-mail addresses for each mode. Therefore, it's very difficult for hackers to easily guess or find them and, at the same time, outgoing and incoming mails of each mode will be separately stored in each inbox and outbox, lets you easily manage your messages for your different works.

    6. Users are able to add their signature images on their outgoing e-mails.

    7. The CryptBot Secure web-Mail™ can serve you with two versions of control or administration systems. The first version is for administering at the level of "Enterprise Domain Name" which designed for using with an enterprise server that installed, under one or multiple domain names, for serving in one or group of general organizations and the second version is for administering at the level of "Secure web-Mail Service Provider" such as ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and other ASPs (Application Service Providers) which want to establish their secure web-mail for renting or selling to other organizations. This ISP version will be provided with the ready-made e-commerce system and e-store web page which can be easily linked with the ISP's existing web site. In addition, this version also has the language editor which facilitates you to add any language for serving people around the globe.

    8. There is the "Preferences" system for users to personalize their e-mail interfaces such as the default inbox setting, e-mail list sorting, e-mail header displaying, header printing setting, etc.

    9. Able to create multiple encryptions and digital signatures on one e-mail and each signer can be separately verified and responsible for only his/her message and/or attachment.

    10. Can be linked with the existing mail server of enterprise or provider which the existing users also still use their old e-mail accounts.

    11. A lot of more other valuable features and configurations for facilitating your use such as web page color setting, news & PR message editor, virus warning system, logo uploading, digital certificates exchange center, address book administrator, user administration system, etc.

    Applications & Benefits

    (Click here to see more hi-light process of CryptBot Secure web-Mail™ V 3.60.)

    >> Click picture to enlarge it.
    >> If you want to test it by yourself, click here to get a demo one or buy a real one.
    For Radically Preventing Spam
    e-Mails & Viruses and Digitally Signing on Web Mail
    With the CryptBot Secure web-Mail™, all users can choose to safely compose/send/receive their e-mails without interfering by junk/spam e-mails and viruses. Moreover, they can also keep the integrity and confidentiality of their e-mail messages with using its digital signature and encryption functions. The system consists of three modes of e-mails as follows:
    1. Normal Mail Mode
    2. Hidden Mail Mode
    3. Secure Mail Mode
    Normal Mail
    was designed for using in case you cannot really avoid to or have to expose your real e-mail address to other people or the public.
    Hidden Mail
    was developed for hiding your real e-mail address in order to radically protect your e-mail from the autonomous attacks of junk/spam e-mails and viruses. This mode can allow users to selfly control the outgoing/sending e-mail forms of senders.
    Secure Mail
    was designed for serving the sensitive e-mail that want to legally identify or confirm a sender and/or signer and keep its confidentiality by using the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology to generate the "Multiple Digital Signature" or sign it by multiple signers and/or encrypt it with "Multiple Encryption" by multiple public keys on one e-mail.
    Normal Mail Compose
    is for creating/composing an e-mail, like other general web-mail systems. However, this normal e-mail compose function has the disadvantage about exposing the real e-mail address of sender which be easily attacked by spam e-mails and viruses. Therefore, this e-mail should be used for contacting with only whom that you can trust or only in case you cannot use the secure mail and hidden mail modes.
    Hidden Mail Compose
    is for creating/composing an e-mail which you want to hide your real e-mail address. This can help you to protect your real e-mail from the viruses and spam e-mails attacking since senders or who want to contact you have to use your special contact/reply form which does not show your real e-mail address. Therefore, this hidden mode is very suitable for using to contact or expose to the public, especially to be linked as the "Contact E-Mail" on your web site because it cannot be detected by the "E-Mail Mining or Harvesting" program of the mailling list and junk mail generating systems.
    Secure Reply of Hidden Mail Recipient
    1. Here is the example of the reply form of the hidden mail mode which recipient has to use this form to reply your e-mail, he/she cannot use the normal reply function of his/her e-mail program. An e-mail replied through this hidden form cannot be corrected or edited, therefore its content is reliable and can be used as a legal reference.
    2. The e-mail address shown in the "From" box or return or sender's e-mail is not the real e-mail address.
    E-mail Form of Hidden Mail
    This is the standard e-mail form of the hidden/URL mail address which anyone can browse and compose his/her e-mail for you without using his/her e-mail account/program. Just enter the hidden mail address in the address box of any web browser and then browse it. To send an e-mail with this standard form, sender will be forced to fill in the "Anti-Spam Code", designed for preventing an autonomous junk mail attack, before submitting.
    Radically Viruses and Junk Mail Preventing
    In case of having severe virus and spam e-mail attacks, the hidden mail users can absolutely protect these attacks by "blocking the attachment box", instead of simply filtering the file types of attachments, and additionally triggering the "security code" which will force everyone that would like to contact you has to fill in your assigned secret code.This security code will screen out whom that you do not know and allow only whom that you have assigned the secret code to contact. Moreover, the web-mail system administrator can also turn off the autonomous content hyperlink in order to protect e-mail users to carelessly click through some dangerous virus or hackers' linkages. If you have triggered all security measurements mentioned above, we do guarantee that your hidden mailbox will be absolutely protected from all attacks of viruses and spam e-mails.
    Secure Mail Compose
    1. This secure mail system was designed based on the high security technologies of S/MIME and PKI for specially using on the IE web browser. It can serve you with the "Multiple Digital Sinatures" which all senders can compose and digitally sign on the same responded e-mail.
    2. This e-mail system can be used with the workflow system for sending your e-document to any outside organization.
    Digitally Signing and Encrypting
    1. To rapidly compose a new e-mail, you can select many utilyties to help you such as address book of your required recipient's e-mail address, attachment, digital signature, encryption and draft saving functions.
    2. If you want to send an e-mail with digitally signing, just click the sign button or click the encrypt button if you want to encrypt an e-mail, or click both buttons if you want to digitally sign and encrypt which these functions can serve you with the multiple digital signatures and encryptions.
    3. In case you want to resend the sent and ecrypted e-mail, sender can select to either keep or cancel its existing encryption.
    Digital Signature Verification
    1. To open the digitally signed and/or encrypted e-mail, after decrypting, if it's been encrypted, the system will verify each digital signature of each signer. If it has been verified, the system will show you the verified button where you can click it to see the control certificate which will lead you to the verified e-mail message, attachment and a digital certificate of each signer.
    1. The "Control Certificate" of the digitally signed e-mail shows the brief information

    2. the e-mail subject

    3. signer's name, organization name of signer and signing date and time
    1. The recipient can verify the signer's digital signature by clicking through the signer button of each signer, then the system will show you the revocation checking result. If it's valid, the system will show you the verified e-mail message and/or its attachment page where you can click the signer digital certificate button to view the digital certificate of signer.
    2. In digitally signing process, the signed e-mail message will be stamped with date-time of signing, and inserted with the brief digital certificate information of signer which will be used as reference in case of printout.
    1. The system can show the verified e-mail message together with the signer's digital certificate which can be used as the legal reference for confirming its integrity and identity.

    2. The ability of multiple digital signatures function like this, lets us easily to digitally sign an e-mail and/or its attachment by many signers on the same e-mail, regardless the location of signers. It means you can legally and digitally sign any message or e-document even signers live in other countries.
    Protecting The Original Message of Replied E-Mail
    The e-mail replying function of the CryptBot Secure web-Mail™ is unlike other general e-mail system because it will legally protect its original message of sender from being altered while replying by recipient.
    To keep its original message from being altered, the system will separate it from the reply box where recipient cannot edit, insert and/or delete any part of it. Therefore, the system is able to absolutely keep its integrity according to the e-transaction laws.
    Multiple Digital Signature Creating
    In case many signers digitally sign on the same e-mail, after verifying the number of signers and their information will be listed on the control certificate which it can be clicked to get more information of the verified e-mail message and its digital certificate of each signer.
    To see the verified message and signer's digital certificate, just click the signer button of each signer.
    Integrity Verification and Its Digital Certificate
    Here are the examples of verified e-mai messages and signers' digital certicates.
    The verified attachments will be listed on their verified e-mail messages which they can be directly clicked to open with their associated programs.

    * = Optional features | Price & Order
    Hi-Light Process of CryptBot Secure web-Mail V 3.60

    Remarks :
    1)The price above is the FOB price (Bangkok of Thailand) which excludes shipping and other related costs.
    2)The "CD Order" is the order for the CD-ROM pack of CryptBot ™ software which the shipping and other related costs will be charged.
    3)The "Download Order" is the order for online downloading of CryptBot™ software without any extra charge.
    4)The Prices above are the yearly rental fees of the CryptBot Secure web-Mail™. After we have got your payment, we will send you the administration account for setting up your domain name and users. If you don't have your own domain name, we can provide you our central domain names such as www.hitrustmail.com, www.hidden-mail.com, www.url-mail.com, trustwebmail.com and more.
    5)In case you want to buy the server license of CryptBot Secure web-Mail™, with unlimited users, for setting up your own secure web-mail server, please send your requirement through our hidden-mail address here.

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